Monday, June 13, 2016


Charlotte Hubbard has started a new Amish romance series, Simple Gifts, with a barn burner of a book, A Simple Vow (Zebra).  The many, many fans of Charlotte Hubbard's books will be well entertained with this newest offering.  A Simple Vow includes some of Willow Ridge's favorite residents and introduces some new neighbors.  I was enchanted by the story.

I don't want to give away any of the great romance or suspense, but there are twists and turns that made me all the more eager to keep reading!  I'm telling you there is a certain point where all readers will be shocked - no one will see this plot twist ahead of time!  It is that kind of writing that keeps Charlotte Hubbard's fans coming back for more.  And I love the rich variety of characters within the storyline.  Charlotte does not deliver cookie-cutter Amish characters, we get to see the good and the bad, warts and all.

For inspiration, you need to look no further than A Simple Vow.  Reading this book truly makes you want to be a more giving, better person to your family, friends, and neighbors.  Additionally, the romance and suspense are top notch.  A Simple Vow was published May 31, 2016.

Thursday, June 2, 2016


The picture on the left was taken June 14, 2014 and the picture on the right was taken in the autumn of 2015.

There is a 50 pound difference between those two pictures.  And there is a world of difference in how I feel and what I can do since I lost that weight.  I have managed to keep the weight off for one year so far.  As anyone can tell you, losing the weight is only half the battle, it is just as hard to keep the weight off.  I have changed the way I eat, keep a food diary to track my calories, exercise more, and weigh myself daily.  I am determined to keep this weight off this time.

I will try to begin posting more recipes in the near future.  Most of these recipes will have more healthy ingredients and lower calorie counts to reflect how I am eating now.

Additionally I have also begun reading again and posting my reviews.  This time I am writing the reviews from my point of view instead of using third person point of view.  I hope you like the more personal reflections as I feel I am more directly talking to you, the reader.

You will find updates to my Recipe and Book Review pages.  I promise to keep those updated and to better organize them in the near future so you can more easily find what you are looking for.

Please give me any feedback, good or bad, on what you would like to see in my  You can comment below or send a message to my email at