Monday, October 19, 2015


Amish Christmas at North Star (WaterBrook Press) is a collection of four stories of love and family with a Christmastime setting in North Star, Pennsylvania.  This collection of stories was entrancing.  As I read each one, I would think, surely this is the best story of the group, but each story was unique and wonderful.  Quite literally I believe Amish Christmas at North Star may be the perfect Christmas companion.  Settle in on a chilly December day with a warm afghan, creamy hot cocoa, and this book.  Pure bliss!

The characters of these four stories come from the lives of Rebekah’s Babies.  Twenty five years ago, three baby girls and one baby boy were all delivered on the same cold and snowy winter night by Amish midwife, Rebekah Schlabach.  An old newspaper clipping of the four births is found by a young Englisher, Chase Wellington, who decides it is time to write a follow up story on the four, Anna, Eden, Savilla, and Andy.

Katie Ganshert writes the story of the baby named Anna.  No one knows where baby Anna was taken twenty five years ago.  Anna’s mother, Ruth, took Anna from Rebekah’s home before her husband or parents could come for her and Anna.  Chase is determined to find Anna and discover why she and her mother disappeared twenty five years ago.  Neither Chase nor Anna is prepared for what is uncovered.

Eden’s story is told by Amanda Flower.  Her story is one of mystery and romance.  An elderly Amish man, Isaac, who befriended Eden has died in a horrible accident or is it an accident?  Eden is looking for clues when she meets Isaac’s great nephew, Jesse.  Could Jesse have caused his uncle’s death or is he the genuine nice guy he seems to be?

Cindy Woodsmall deals with a sensitive topic in telling Savilla’s story.  Savilla has broken up with her long-time boyfriend, Kore, after she receives some devastating news.  She won’t tell Kore why they are through and he is furious.  Both Saville and Kore are thrown together to save another family and in turn receive God’s blessings above all that they could ask or think about.

And the last novella is the story of Andy written by Mindy Starns Clark and her daughter, Emily Clark.  This is a powerful tale of forgiveness and I must tell you, this one made me cry, but they were good tears!  Andy has moved to Mississippi to try to get over his breakup with his girl, Nellie.  Nellie had left the Amish community of North Star to turn English but she had a change of heart and came back after three months.  Andy feels he can’t trust Nellie ever again.  Andy’s younger brother Sam is determined to get Andy back home and back in the arms of Nellie.  How can twelve year old Sam manage all of that?

This is a power packed book, one not to be missed.  Each story is a delight and there is a sweet epilogue at the end of the fourth story to wrap everything up with a big red bow.  Amish Christmas at North Star will be available on October 20, 2015.  Get your order ready as this is one you will read over and over.

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