Tuesday, June 3, 2014


The first two novels in the Legacy of Lancaster trilogy were fascinating page turners and the final novel, Forever Amish by Kate Lloyd (David C. Cook) concludes the series in a similar manner.  This novel will have you on the edge of your seat from page one to the conclusion.  There are many mysteries, relationships, and romances to pursue throughout the book.  This book is so well written that it stands alone perfectly for those who have not yet read volumes one and two of Legacy of Lancaster.

Englischer Sally is engaged and nearing 30 years old, living with her father, Honest Ed, the owner of a used car lot in Connecticut.  Sally has never known her mother, who left her as a baby.  The scars that growing up without a mother has left only grow deeper for Sally as time goes on.  Sally has an argument with her fiancĂ© and decides she needs to get away for a few days.

Lizzie Zook, an early 20’s Amish woman, has been sneaking onto the internet and frequently sending mysterious emails to Sally to entice her to come visit Lizzie in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Sally thinks the whole situation is bizarre but needs to get away from her own life for a few days, so she drives from Connecticut to Lancaster to see what Lizzie is all about.

Once in the Zook’s home, Sally finds Lizzie’s mom to be everything Sally had always wanted in a mom: gentle and kind, loving, understanding, and an excellent cook.  As Sally sits down at the dinner table, she is overwhelmed with how delicious the food is and how much she wishes for a family like the Zook’s.  Sally also appreciates the good looking Amish man, Armin King, who is helping out on the farm and living in a small cabin on their land.

Several of the Zooks are harboring secrets and Sally is determined to figure out what is going on.  Why did the Zooks want Sally to come to Lancaster?  Sally’s dad, Honest Ed, is also keeping secrets and Sally won’t stop until she learns the truth, no matter the consequences.  The overriding theme of Forever Amish is forgiveness, asking for and accepting God’s forgiveness, forgiving others and ourselves.

Readers will find Kate Lloyd’s latest offering very engaging.  It has everything that makes the Amish genre so desirable – romance, mystery, strong family ties, God’s good word, and mouth-watering food descriptions.  The plot is exceptional and genuinely thought provoking, making this book hard to put down.  Forever Amish will be available on June 1, 2014.

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