Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Normally all the books that I review are for adults or at least teens, but I was recently asked to read and review Lydia's Bonnet (Eckschank Publishing) written by Lillian Stoltzfus.  This is a book for children and contains a lovely story with a lesson.  It is not heavy handed but beautifully written and is a perfect book for children or grandchildren to learn about and be introduced to the Amish lifestyle.  

Lydia's Bonnet is filled with beautiful pictures and there is a story behind those wonderful photographs!  The author, Lillian Stoltzfus has written about her mother, Lydia, and has used Lydia's own grandchildren, dressed in typical Amish clothing, as the models in the photographs to act out the story.  There are all kinds of fun facts about the Amish plus the photos also include shots of Lydia's real Amish home.

In the story, Lydia becomes jealous of her cousin's new bonnet, which is clean and smooth, with shiny new ribbons.  Lydia feels like her bonnet is ugly and shabby.  The cousins conspire to stomp on Lydia's bonnet to make it even uglier so Lydia's mother will make her a new one.

Well you know this is not going to go over too well with Lydia's mother.  Her mom finds out what actually happened to the bonnet and comes up with an appropriate punishment.

The book is nicely put together and would be such a lovely gift for any of the young people in your life.  Lydia's Bonnet is available on Amazon as either a paperback or Kindle edition.  This is definitely a book that I am putting aside for any future grandchildren in my life!  Lydia's Bonnet was published December 5, 2015.

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