Friday, April 15, 2016


Whenever I come across genuine Amish writing, I get excited.  Don't get me wrong, I still love those Amish novels!  But if you love learning more about the Amish/Mennonite people, nothing is better than getting the information first hand.  

Lovina is an Amish wife and mother, who has been writing about her family for many years and several smaller newspapers had picked up her column.  She now writes a blog post about her family's daily life and usually includes a recipe at the end.

The blog is called Lovina's Amish Kitchen and here is the link:  Lovina's Amish Kitchen

I recommend readers check out this website, which is handled by MennoMedia staff since Lovina is an Old Order Amish.  They do have a way for interested parties to send a question to Lovina, so if you have ever wondered about something in the Amish faith or lifestyle, here is your opportunity to find the answer.  Just check out the "Contact Lovina" column on the right hand side of the home page.

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