Monday, October 13, 2014


Kelly Long has always been a favorite Amish fiction author but her latest release, The Amish Bride of Ice Mountain (Zebra Books) delivers a whole new level of inspiration and romance.  Kelly melds the different worlds of the Englischers and the Amish in a new and unexpected way.  Kelly’s writing is heavy on the romance, and she keeps her main characters, Mary and Jude, exciting while they wait for the proper time to consummate their marriage.  This sizzling romantic book is definitely for adults.

Mary is a young, naive Amish woman living on Ice Mountain in Appalachia and Jude is an Englischer professor who has come to Ice Mountain to further his study of the Amish.  While on Ice Mountain, Jude meets Mary and he becomes a little too close to her.  Mary’s brother saw them kissing and when Mary’s dad finds out, he grabs his gun and decides a wedding must take place to protect his daughter’s reputation. 

Jude has no desire to marry Mary just because he kissed her, but he doesn’t want to get shot either.  He hatches a plan whereby he will marry but not consummate the marriage to Mary.  They will go back to his home in Atlanta for a while, then Mary can go back to Ice Mountain after things calm down.  Then they can get an annulment and go their separate ways.

Jude’s plan doesn’t have a chance of working with Mary dead set on making Jude fall in love with her.  Mary wants to create a real marriage between her and Jude.  There seems to be numerous obstacles in the way of either Mary or Jude getting their way in this forced marriage.

The Amish Bride of Ice Mountain is simply captivating.  The story nicely contrasts the lifestyle of wealthy Englischers in Atlanta with the rural Appalachian Amish where indoor plumbing is considered a privilege.  Loving counsel from Mary’s Grossmuder May just may be the best advice given, “I say your job is to turn this wedding into a marriage … and I don’t mean only the bedding; that’s the least of it in some ways.  A marriage is about the physical body, eh?  But also the spirit, the mind, and the heart.”

Kelly Long will continue this series with book two, An Amish Man of Ice Mountain, to be published next May, 2015.  The Amish Bride of Ice Mountain will be published November 4, 2014.


  1. Elana, it was a very interesting book, spicy but not over the top or uncomfortable. Kelly Long's Amish novels are all spicy, so if you like one, you will like all her books.

  2. I read the prevew of the book and like it a lot.!.