Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Amish Family Life

When I read about Amish family life, normally it is represented by three generations living together in harmony, such an idyllic life.  Grandma and Grandpa are ensconced in the dawdi house, connected to the main house where Daad is the leader of the family and Mamm is his helpmate, running the kitchen and raising their large family of children.

Divorce is not an option for the Amish, if you make a bad match, you figure a way to live with it.  Their culture absolutely means it when they say, “Till death do you part”.  I see this as both a positive and negative.  If you go into your marriage with the idea this is truly forever, there is no way out, you may be quicker to find a way to compromise and make the marriage work.  However on the other hand, I don’t think anyone should be forced to stay in an abusive situation.  Accordingly, the Amish clergy will get involved with couples having marital problems, therefore giving some protection to abused spouses.

Do you wonder how well three generations living together could get along?  The delicate relationship between wife and mother-in-law can be tricky.  Patience, respect, privacy, and holding one’s tongue are all necessary to make the relationship work.  Yet, on the other hand, how rich is the experience of children growing up in close proximity to their grandparents!

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