Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What Do You Get Out of Reading Amish Novels?

When I first started reading Amish novels, it was out of a sense of curiosity.  I'm curious about many things, for example, I use to watch boxing wondering would I stand in a boxing ring and let someone punch me as hard as they could in exchange for a million dollars?  When it comes to the Amish, I wonder could I live like they do without electricity?

Once I began reading about the Amish, I began to see beyond our differences in lifestyle.  How could I learn from the Amish to be a better person and have a happier life?  Their self sufficiency through farming, canning, sewing, and frugal behaviors is remarkable and something I could aim for.  I will never be as self sufficient as they are but I can move towards that goal.  In addition, their strong faith is something any one of us could strive for.  Forgiveness and strong family ties are two other areas that inspire me.  If God can forgive me of my sins who am I not to forgive others?

I plan on writing about the strength of Amish family ties and what we can learn from that next time. Meanwhile, tell me what do you get out of reading Amish novels?

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