Tuesday, May 20, 2014


We went to Holmes County on a Thursday and laundry was hanging out everywhere we looked.

As my husband and I traveled throughout Holmes County on a gorgeous day in May, I took many photographs, well over 100 pictures as a matter of fact.  This is such a beautiful area, I couldn’t help myself.  As you may be aware, most Amish do not want to have their full face in a photograph.  Therefore it becomes tricky to capture the entire Holmes County experience, but I strongly feel it is important to respect other’s beliefs and put the camera away when it may make someone feel uncomfortable.  

I would have loved to capture the fresh faced beauty of the lovely Amish girls working at Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen and handsome young men making cheese at Heini’s Cheese Chalet, but that would perhaps be putting them in an awkward position of having their beliefs challenged.  Not all Amish do not wish their picture to be taken, once while in Pinecraft, I asked some Amish ladies that were quilting if I could take a picture of their quilt.  I then assured them that I would not get their faces in the picture.  They chuckled and said that it was alright, their faces wouldn't break my camera!

Some people feel the rules towards photography and the Amish are softening.  For a more complete discussion of this topic, see the excellent article on What Do Amish Think About Photography.

It is surprising how fast some of the buggies are traveling, those horses really move!

Buggies are all over the winding roads of Holmes County, you really need to drive cautiously.
It was a warm May day and this farmer is plowing his fields the old fashioned way.
 By the way, those work horses are huge.
Such beautiful scenery

It must be laundry day all over Holmes County.

Laundry was out everywhere.

Some Amish travel in covered buggies,
but others had open buggies.

The local one room schoolhouse

Beautiful barns 

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