Monday, May 19, 2014


Lehman's Store

Hundreds of varieties of soda pop

Large jigsaw puzzle selection

Many racks of Amish novels

Candies of all types

Several rooms of children's toys

Vanilla and other flavorings

Pickled eggs, mustards, salad dressings

Clothes drying racks

Old fashioned clothes pins

Oil lamps

Lots of beautiful candles

Lanterns to match any decor

Scrub boards

Belts for men of any size plus straw hats

And more straw hats for heads of any size

Knife department

Old time stove

Antique refrigerators and stoves

More thermometers than I could imagine

After having a wonderful lunch at Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen, we got back in the car and drove to Lehman’s located at 4779 Kidron Road, Dalton, Ohio, phone 888-438-5346, website  Lehman's came highly recommended by Kevin Williams of   How does one explain what Lehman’s is all about?  Lehman’s is everything, sold under one roof.  Lehman’s is so huge that we couldn’t find our way back to the parking lot when we exited a different door from the one we entered.

We walked into Lehman’s and immediately said, “Whoa!”  To the left was a large display of hundred’s of different types of bottled soda pop.  Down the aisle from there were jigsaw puzzles, unusual greeting cards (that is where my Mom’s Mother’s Day card came from), and lots of Amish genre books.  After that we came upon a nice sized cafeteria, but since we just had lunch, we kept on walking.

The next room contained baking supplies, popcorn making supplies, candies, spices, flavorings, mustards, salad dressings, pickled eggs, oils, and so forth.  Beyond that was children’s toys, and then an area for home goods such as clothespins, clothes dryer racks, scrub boards, borax detergent, wringers, which led to the largest selection of oil lamps and lanterns that I have ever seen.

The oil lamps led to a candle selection of many colors, sizes, scents, and types.  I found some taper candles that I had been wanting for quite a while; two 11” blue taper candles were priced at $3.25 for the pair.  We then came across a room which contained an entire wall of men’s belts and straw hats.

The next group of rooms was surprising; it contained new and antique ovens, stoves, fireplaces, refrigerators, washers, dryers, and toilets.  One of these pieces was priced in excess of $5,000 for a fire engine red antique-looking exterior on a brand new refrigerator.  I had trouble imagining who would buy such a piece.

Also of note, Lehman’s had a seriously large knife department and outdoor thermometer and weathervane selection, which was right next to the fudge kiosk.  I know I have left things out, but you get the picture.  Lehman’s has everything and anything you may even think you want.  It was the perfect stop after a heavy lunch at Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen because we got to walk and stretch our legs for a bit before our three hour drive back home.

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