Monday, December 15, 2014


I love this cover!

This novella, The Journey Home (Lazy Day Publishers) by Hope Kesler, is one that readers will be able to connect with as it is filled with relatable characters.  Hope Kesler has written a realistic story that tells it like it truly is within the Amish community.  It is not all sweetness and light in the Miller household but the story is beautiful and touching, very engaging and difficult to put down.

The story begins with Birdy Miller, an ex-Amish young woman, living in the Englisch world, getting a phone call about her mother’s buggy accident.  Birdie loves her mother and returns to their Amish community to help her mother recover.  While back home, to please her parents, Birdie takes the kneeling vow and is baptized into the Amish faith even though her Amish faith is weak and troubled.

Birdie is extremely outspoken for an Amish woman, it drives her crazy to hear her father, Abe Miller, slant things so as to make their family seem more religious and pious.  Her father demands to have the last word on everything and refuses to ever admit that he is wrong or has made a mistake.  His attitude towards his wife and daughter infuriates Birdie.  The more Birdie speaks up for herself or her mother, the worse her relationship becomes with her father. 

A new farrier comes to town, Caleb Troyer, a 25 year old, handsome, single, deeply faith driven Amish man.  All the single girls in town are looking forward to meeting him and have dreams of marrying him.  But from the start, he is captivated by Birdie’s good looks.  Her disobedience and outspoken ways are off putting to Caleb until he gets to know Abe Miller better.  Birdie on the other hand, can appreciate his good looks but where he has a deep faith, her faith is shaky at best.  She is suspicious of his strong faith and Caleb is worried about her weak faith.  Is there a way for Birdie and Caleb to advance their relationship?

Readers will be looking forward to seeing more from Hope Kesler.  This first novella is an excellent start with its strong voice and characters.  The Journey Home was published December 7, 2014.

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