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I found the following questions and answers on Amish Wisdom.  It deals with what the future of Amish novels looks like for next year. It was put together by one of my favorite Amish novel publishers, Kensington Publishers. Some of the BEST authors are published through Kensington.

Q: What Amish titles are you most excited about in 2015? 
Change of Heart - new 2015 Amish fiction at www.amishwisdom.comWe have a new Amish series debuting on the Kensington list with the first book, Change of Heart, by Molly Jebber, coming in July 2015.  It’s something different for us: an Amish historical romance.   The series focuses on three best friends and the keepsake pocket quilts they make and use to send letters back and forth to each other.
We also have new books in our continuing Amish series by Jennifer BeckstrandCharlotte HubbardAmy Lillard and Kelly Long.
Q: Are there any new trends that you’re seeing in Amish fiction?
As the genre becomes more crowded, we see readers looking for fresh approaches to the Amish romance, exploring new locales and Amish traditions.
Q: Why do you think Amish fiction continues to be such a popular genre?
I think our author Jennifer Beckstrand says it best on her website:  Amish romances are stories of gentle love in a harsh world.
Q: What sort of feedback have you heard from readers about your Amish fiction titles? 
Readers love the warmth, loyalty and faith of the Amish characters our authors have created, and the unique communities they write about.
Q: Give us the inside scoop – what is the most surprising Amish title you have releasing in 2015?
The Amish Man of Ice Mountain - new 2015 Amish fiction at www.amishwisdom.comThe Amish Man of Ice Mountain by Kelly Long, coming in May, 2015.  A beloved author of Amish romance, Kelly has taken the courageous step of exploring surprising themes in her new Amish of Ice Mountain series—the physical side of marriage, sexual abuse and even faith healing—and her books are all the more powerful for it.
Q: Explain briefly the publishing process – how does an idea become a book on the shelves? 
Harvest of Blessings - new 2015 Amish fiction at www.amishwisdom.comCharlotte Hubbard’s new Simple Gifts series, launching in June, 2016, grew out of a brainstorming session the two of us had by phone.  Simple Gifts is a store selling handmade Amish gifts which first appears in Harvest of Blessings, coming in March, 2015.  I suggested building a new series around the shop and its spirited female owner, and after I negotiated a new contract with Charlotte’s agent, she set to work fleshing out the story, introducing a new cast of characters to mingle with the familiar faces readers already know and love.

Here’s a Full List of Amish Fiction coming your way from Kensington in 2015!
Wells Landing Series by Amy Lillard:
The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill Series by Jennifer Beckstrand:
Seasons of the Heart by Charlotte Hubbard:
Ice Mountain Series by Kelly Long:
Change of Heart by Molly Jebber (July 2015)
The Amish Christmas Sleigh by Kelly LongAmy Lillard and Molly Jebber (Anthology)
Amish Mysteries by Emma Miller:

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