Monday, September 29, 2014


Sarah Price keeps producing outstanding Amish romance fiction and her latest, An Amish Buggy Ride (Amazon Publishing) is no exception.  Sarah captures her readers with excellent character development and interesting storylines.  The story begins in December, with the protagonist, Kate Zook, age 20, petite and brunette, waiting for her brother David, age 17, to pick her up from a gathering of the youth group.  When David finally arrives, Kate realizes he has been drinking, and she refuses to get into the buggy with him. 

Kate starts walking home in the snowy weather.  She is almost home when she comes across a wrecked buggy and realizes it is her brother David with his girlfriend, Ruth.  David begs Kate to get some help as Ruth is not moving.

The story moves ahead to almost springtime, Ruth died in the buggy accident and David is confined to a wheelchair with a spinal cord injury.  David is bitter and hateful towards everyone but especially Kate.  He blames Kate for allowing him to drive the buggy that night when she knew he was drunk. The whole family feels like they are living under a black cloud, however Kate bears the brunt of his nasty comments and takes them to heart.  She feels guilty and responsible for the terrible accident and has isolated herself from her friends.

Everything has changed in the Zook household.  Kate’s father doesn’t sleep any more, even the children at home could hear him cry at night.  Day after day goes by but there is never any joy or sparkle in his eyes.  Kate’s mother is no better, both parents have psychologically withdrawn.  There are never any laughs, fun or games in the Zook household, just work all day and try to get some sleep at night.

While Kate was walking home from watching her Aunt’s new baby, Samuel Esh pulls his buggy up next to Kate to ask her if he could give her a ride home.  Although Kate is shy by nature, she accepts the ride so as to avoid having to walk past the wreckage and remains of David’s buggy accident.  Kate is happy that Samuel’s offer of a ride will save her the pain of seeing that ugly sight once again.

Samuel Esh begins to pursue Kate but she doesn’t feel worthy of having a special friend.  Kate doesn’t feel ready to socialize with her youth group.  Can Samuel find a way to help Kate come out of her shell?  Will Kate finally be able to shed the guilt and responsibility she feels for the buggy accident?  Can the Zook family walk out from beneath the cloud of depression they have been living under?

Sarah Price delves into the heartache and misery of having a child with a devastating injury and how it impacts the entire family.  Soothing bible verses telling of God’s forgiveness and love for His people and the help of the entire community lead to a stunning conclusion.  This is not a book to be missed, its powerful ending is unforgettable.  An Amish Buggy Ride will be published on November 4, 2014.

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