Monday, May 18, 2015


Just when Amish fiction readers think Jennifer Beckstrand could not possibly top her last Huckleberry Hill series book, Jennifer writes Huckleberry Harvest (Zebra Books) and proves readers wrong.  Huckleberry Harvest just may be the best book written by Jennifer Beckstrand so far.  Yes, it is simply that good.  This book is filled with humor, romance, Grandma Anna’s crazy cooking, and Grandpa Felty’s quiet wisdom in matchmaking.  This is book five in the Huckleberry Hill series.  Each book in the series definitely stands on its own, and each book is worth reading, for sure and for certain.  Please keep writing Jennifer Beckstrand!

The story begins with Anna and Felty’s granddaughter, Mandy, who lives in Ohio, coming to Huckleberry Hill to visit them and her friend, Kristina.  Right away, Kristina wants Mandy to go to Kristina’s ex-boyfriend, Noah Mischler’s house, to yell at him for breaking off their relationship.  That conversation doesn’t go too well when Noah tells Mandy she doesn’t know anything and shows no remorse for leading Kristina on in the relationship.

Grandpa Felty hired Noah Mischler to help repair some odds and ends around the house so Mandy has to put up with Noah hanging around every day.  Surprisingly, as rude as Noah was to Mandy previously, he now couldn’t be nicer or more polite.  Plus Noah is one of the most handsome men that Mandy has ever met.  What Mandy doesn’t know is that Noah is hiding a secret.

Meanwhile, Anna and Felty have rounded up all the eligible bachelors in the area to parade in front of Mandy.  Anna has knit a potholder for each bachelor and gives each a piece of pie that Mandy has made.  Mandy could not be less interested in any of the men.  Of course, Anna is not deterred, she just went out and got more bachelors.  Anna will not stop until she makes a successful match for her granddaughter, Mandy, and somehow, Anna gets Mandy set up on dates with numerous young men.

Huckleberry Harvest is just plain fun.  Jennifer writes convincingly of the antics of Grandma Anna.  Every young person should have grandparents like Anna and Felty:  caring, funny, a little crazy, and always in your corner.  This book also deals with addiction and abuse in a sensitive and compassionate manner.  There is no situation too big for God to help us handle.  Huckleberry Harvest will be published May 26, 2015.


  1. Thank you Gloria for the wonderful reviews you post. It is a great way to learn about the books that are out there that may not make it to my radar otherwise :-)

  2. Thank you so much Christine! If you or any other readers have any books in particular that you would like reviewed, please let me know!