Friday, May 8, 2015


 What a fun day I had traveling to Adams County, Ohio with two of my sisters, Janet and Bonnie.  Our first stop was Miller's Bulk Food, Bakery and Furniture.  The picture above shows beautiful designs for the side of your barn.  They measure four foot by four foot - really huge and priced at $189.

Here is what was left at the bakery by the time we got there, around 11:30 am.  I'm telling you, this bakery smelled so delicious! 
 Everything in the Miller Bakery looked yummy, especially these turnovers.
 These donuts were as big as my head!  For comparison purposes, see the cream horns below the donuts?  Those were good sized cream horns and they look dwarfed by the gigantic glazed donuts.
 And of course here are the Whoopie Pies, Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Icing!  I purchased one for my husband.  He enjoyed getting a treat, especially since it was his first time trying a Whoopie Pie.

 This is the very generous sized homemade pretzels and in the lower right hand side of the picture are Miller's Fry Pies.  There was a very sweet and pretty young Amish girl taking care of customers.  She was a delight and had no problem with me photographing the bakery products.

Here are two of my sisters, Janet to the left and Bonnie to the right.  Our oldest sister, Lois, had to work and could not come on this adventure.  Janet and Bonnie are posing outside Miller's Bakery.  Behind them is a smaller version of the designs for barn walls.

 And here I am posing beside the Bakery.

Miller's provides hitching posts for those who come by horse and buggy.  To the left, outside the view of this picture, are the grazing animals.  On the day we were there, the animals closest to the fence were about five or six goats.

When traveling in Adams County, Ohio, don't be surprised to see that you are sharing the road with a horse and buggy.  You need to keep your speed down on these roads and be very cautious when passing a horse and buggy so that you don't spook the horse.

This is Keim's.  Notice all the solar panels on the roof?  Keim's has a bakery, deli, bulk foods area, and furniture.

Here is the canned foods aisle.  They have a huge variety of items to choose from.

They have a large selection of baking items.  

And that was a peek into our day.  Let me tell you, if I wasn't on a budget and a diet, I could have spent and eaten quite a bit.  We had lunch at a cute little diner called "Cruiser's Diner" in Seaman, Ohio.  I highly recommend the Grilled Chicken Salad, it was extremely good and the chicken was grilled just the way I like.  It was truly a wonderful way to spend a day with my sisters!

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