Tuesday, April 22, 2014


This one is worth reading, it has a different twist at the end that you normally don't find in Amish romances.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Fearless Hope by Serena Miller (Howard Books) is a sweet romantic novel with a touch of mystery added.  It is filled with the message of the blessings of community. Fearless Hope is the third book in the Hidden Mercies series.  It is not necessary to have read the first two books in order to fully enjoy Fearless Hope.  The story begins with Hope, mother of two and carrying her third child, figuring out what to do after her husband, Titus is killed by a bull at their small Holmes County, Ohio homestead.  Hope is smart, and always loved farming with her father, now she needs to find a way to make a living for her and her children.

Logan is an Englischer best-selling fiction writer from New York City; he drinks too much and can’t seem to find the words to write anymore.  While Logan is driving around Holmes County, Ohio he stumbles upon a home with 200 acres for sale that captivates him and fills him with a sense of deja vu.  He can’t seem to figure out why he has an overwhelming sense of familiarity when he is in the farmhouse.  Logan buys the home in Holmes County and is able to write his fiction again.  He loves the peace and quiet as well as the welcoming community around him.

Hope enters Logan’s world when she advertises herself as a housekeeper.  Logan truly enjoys having Hope around, cooking and cleaning, and becomes enamored with her children as well.  After working as a housekeeper for a while, Logan proposes that Hope manage his 200 acre farm.  Hope is thrilled to be able to fulfill her dream to work outside on a farm.  As could be expected, the bishop of the community feels that it looks improper for Hope to be spending so much time taking care of the Englisher’s farm and home and tells her to quit.  Hope is heartbroken and desperately tries to find a way to make it work.

Serena Miller has written a masterful book that clearly shows the worth of community.  The beautiful sense of kinship within the community is very fulfilling to the human spirit.  At times this book will cause readers to tear up as well as providing laughs and smiles.  There are a great many questions and difficulties that arise that need answers and the author finds distinctive ways to bring the book to a heartwarming conclusion.  The feisty Hope, our protagonist, will charm readers with her unique way of solving her romantic dilemma, while Logan matures and grows in his personal, spiritual, and professional life.  Although this book is fiction, Serena brings her characters to life with genuine conversation and feelings.  This is definitely not a cookie-cutter Amish romance, readers will be gratified by the way in which Serena Miller crafts the finale of this story.  Fearless Hope was published April 8, 2014.

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