Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Visit to Pinecraft

Every year my husband and I travel to Pinecraft in Sarasota, Florida.  We pass by the large shuffleboard courts in a park where the large busses from up North arrive with their passengers from Amish and Mennonite communities.  In Pinecraft, the Amish don’t use horse and buggies, they use bicycles and adult sized tricycles to get around the community.

We love to eat at either Yoder’s or Der Dutchman’s (formerly known as Troyers) Restaurant.  Yoder’s has some of the best pies you will ever taste.  Their Key Lime pie was named best in Florida!  Their peanut butter crème pie is fantastic.  All their pies, including the crusts, are homemade.  There is nothing better than a flaky homemade crust.  At Yoder’s they bring two slices of homemade bread to each diner.  Where on earth do you get homemade bread but Yoder’s? Der Dutchman’s is in a large, modern building with a huge second floor gift shop.  On the first floor is their bakery as you walk in and then a large seating area.  They offer a buffet or order off the menu.  We usually get the buffet so we can sample a variety of things.  Every table has a bottles of Amish peanut butter and apple butter on it.  It is simply delicious just spread on a cracker!
Yoder’s and Der Dutchman’s are across the street from one another, both are generally crowded.  Right next to Der Dutchman’s is Alma Sue’s Quilts.  Don’t you just love the name?  I may be prejudiced as my grandma’s name was Alma.  The shop has two large quilting frames set up and at any given time you can walk in and see Amish and Mennonite women quilting right there.  What a treat for a city gal like me to see their work, stitches so tiny and perfect.

There is also a bulk food store and furniture store in this area.  It makes for a wonderful day trip if you are in Southwest Florida.

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