Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Day Trip to Adams County, Ohio

Last Memorial Day, my daughter Jillian and I went on a fun day trip to visit the Amish community in Adams County, Ohio.  Adams County is an easy hour drive east of Cincinnati, Ohio where we live.  Jillian, then age 25 had never visited the Amish before and had no idea what to expect.  The day was fantastic in every way.

Keim's colorful outdoor furniture in front of their store

Our first stop was Keim’s Family Market, 2621 Burnt Cabin Road, Seaman, OH 45679, phone number 937-386-9995.  Like all Amish/Mennonite establishments, they are closed on Sundays.  There is ample parking in a lot beside a long building holding a bakery featuring fresh baked Amish pies, breads, cakes, and pastries, a fully stocked deli where we got made-to-order sandwiches and side salads, bulk foods, spices, candy, baking supplies, Amish made jellies, preserves, and jams, hand-crafted wood furniture, children’s playhouses, and storage barns.

Outside their store, the Keim’s have set up samples of their beautiful and colorful outdoor furniture.  Jillian and I sat there in the May sunshine to eat our sandwiches and salads.  We also purchases some donut holes from the bakery; they were yeast raised and so light and yummy.  Although we didn't buy any, the cinnamon buns here are impossibly huge and looked delicious.  By the cash register I spied some beautiful handmade pot holders.  I had to buy one.  

Beautiful potholders at Keim's

Next on our trip was a short hop over to Miller’s Furniture, Bakery, and Bulk Foods located at 960 Wheat Ridge Road, West Union, Ohio 45693, phone 937-544-8524.  The property is huge with separate buildings for the bakery, bulk foods store, and the extremely large furniture store.  We stopped at a small outdoor tent and purchased the absolute best kettle corn popcorn we have ever tasted.  I still dream about that kettle corn!  I don’t know how they do it but each kernel is fully popped and the perfect sweet, yet salty taste.  The bakery is filled with delicious smells; we bought several fry pies there to take home and they were heavenly!

Cows and pigs grazing on the grounds at Miller's

Miller’s was our first experience in a bulk food store.  Their store contains all different kinds of things from noodles to sun bonnets, bulk baking supplies to summer sausage.  We found a bargain on cleaning supplies and stocked up.  They also have a counter in the bulk store where you can purchase made-to-order sandwiches.  Also on the grounds is a fenced-in area where pigs and cows graze.  The animals come right up to the fence to look you over.  Right next to there, two Amish families had “parked” their horses and buggies.  The moms had come out with their children and all got loaded up and away they went.  Let me tell you, nothing is cuter than small Amish children dressed just like their elders.  Out of respect for their privacy and beliefs, I did not take their picture but those little children were precious!

The animals come right over to say "hi"!

With our stomachs full and wanting to continue our adventure, Jillian and I drove around the back roads of Adams County.  We passed house after house where clothes were hanging outside on the line to dry.  Remember, this was Memorial Day, a Monday, which is normally a wash day for the Amish.  They do not celebrate Memorial Day since they are pacifists.  We also came across horses and buggies on the roads, so we drove slowly.  We stopped to take pictures at the one room schoolhouse that we found.

One room schoolhouse in Adams County

 Then it was time to wrap up our day and drive back home.  It was a wonderful, fun filled day.  After spending the day with the Amish in Adams County, my daughter no longer wondered why her mom was so interested in the Amish.

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