Saturday, April 12, 2014

Next Week's Schedule

What’s coming up next week?  Two new reviews!  On Monday I will post my review of Jennifer Beckstrand’s Huckleberry Hill and on Friday I will post my review of Sarah Price’s First Impressions.  I don’t want to give away too much but these novels are fantastic!

Tuesday will be an easy recipe for a can’t fail roast with gravy.

Wednesday’s post deals with frugal tips on ways to make your own household products.  This article has great ideas for fun filled adventures for parents and kids in making everyday products yourselves.  Besides the great time you will have working beside your children, you can sneak in some math and science lessons with measuring ingredients, mixing, and chemical changes and discussion on self-sufficiency by being able to make things for ourselves.

Thursday’s post will talk about a day trip visit to an Amish community in Adams County, Ohio.

So until Monday, April 14th, enjoy your weekend my friends.  I hope your weather is sunny and warm and that you have a good Amish novel to read!

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