Monday, April 21, 2014

Tips for Living Like the Amish

When I was working full time at a very stressful (for me) job, plus trying to keep a clean house, put dinner on the table, and most importantly, be a great mom and raise a good daughter, there were many times I just wanted to slow things down.  I didn't want to constantly be saying, "Hurry up!" or "Let's go!".  I just wanted some peace and serenity instead of racing from one job or activity to another.  I never had any time to think, pray, or meditate. Something or someone was always needing my attention.  Let's face it, you can't change everything overnight, but do you think you could try one Amish lifestyle tip per week to help you gain some much needed quiet time for thought and reflection?

Based on some tips provided by Wanda Brunstetter, one of the best Amish genre authors, here are some ideas to create a more simple lifestyle:

1.  Go outside and enjoy the sounds of nature, the feel of sunshine on your skin and the breeze in your hair.

2.  Do meal planning so you can eat out less and enjoy the many benefits of home cooked food.

3.  Grow flowers or vegetables in your own garden.  Gardening can be very relaxing and rewarding.

4.  Turn off the TV - you will be surprised how much free time you have for new activities.

5.  Pray or meditate daily.  Saying "thank you" to God every day is good for your soul.

6.  Buy fewer things, it will make your budget happy and simplify your life.  The more things you have, the more work and time is involved to take care of all of it.

7.  Reduce your consumption of electricity, try dinner by candlelight.  Turn off computers and lights when you are not using them.

8.  Strengthen family values by setting aside time to be with your children to talk about what is important to your family, play games, work on a puzzle, or whatever is enjoyable.

9.  Try hanging your clothes outside to dry.  The smell of outside dried clothes and sheets is amazing!

10.  "Many hands make light work" - gather friends and family together and take turns helping each other with inside or outside work.

See Wanda Brunstetter's full article at amish-life/simple-living-tips.

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