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Cyndi Lord introduces the loving Miller Family of Lancaster, Pennsylvania in A Plain Wish (White Bird Publications).  Kristi, age 16, lives in Batesville, Indiana with her father and step mother.  She is your typical teenager. Cyndi has realistically captured that teenaged self-centered world quite well in both language and actions.  Kristi doesn’t get along with her father and his wife, nor does she get along with her mother and her step-father.  Kristi hates her life and everyone in it.  She gets the idea to go live with her pen pal, Betty Miller, at their family farm in Lancaster.

The Millers agree to the visit provided that Kristi’s parents are in agreement and that Kristi follow their Amish lifestyle.  Kristi, of course, doesn’t tell her parents.  Kristi has quite the adventure driving from Batesville, Indiana to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Cyndi Lord’s writing is so genuine, readers may need Dramamine and buckle their seatbelts while reading about Kristi’s driving.

In contrast to Kristi’s crazy teenage life with her parents, the Miller family is peaceful, loving, and helpful towards one another.  The Miller parents are strict but loving towards their children.  Kristi craves the caring and loving that she does not feel she is getting from her own parents and step-parents.  Kristi settles into the routine at the Miller’s home with her rebelliousness getting in the way from time to time.  The Miller parents deal with her mistakes with kindness so that Kristi feels their discipline comes from a loving place in their hearts.

Cyndi Lord draws clear differences between the Amish way of life and Englisch ways.  She distinctly writes of how essential it is for all people to feel needed and loved.  It is apparent that Kristi has not felt loved and appreciated in a long time, and her demeanor and behavior show that.  Kristi had not been raised to pray and her initial attempts at prayer are sweetly childlike.  The book gives a heartwarming look at the Amish lifestyle with adventures, heartaches, and a touch of romance added in.

The series continues with A Plain Adventure, book two in The Plain Series by Cyndi Lord.  A Plain Wish was published on April 29, 2014.

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