Thursday, July 31, 2014


There is something very special about the books written by Naomi King.  Amanda Weds a Good Man (New American Library) is book one in the One Big Happy Family series.  There is so much that this book has to offer, including a refreshing truthfulness and more modern conflicts.  Throughout Amanda Weds a Good Man is Naomi’s uplifting writing that makes the reader want to do more and be a better person.

Amanda is a widow with three daughters plus she takes care of her mother-in-law.  Wyman is a widower with five children.  These two have found each other and fallen in love.  Their wedding day is upon them and Amanda is moving her household into Wyman’s house.  Unfortunately nothing is going right and everyone is unhappy.  Amanda is stressed out living in Wyman’s home with none of her furniture or kitchen supplies plus having to handle eight children now instead of just her three.

Wyman is used to have everything his way, as most Amish husbands run the home.  Amanda was used to making all the decisions in her household since she was widowed for four years.  The whole idea of submitting to Wyman in all decisions strikes her as unfair.  Amanda is a more independent type of Amish woman, she doesn’t want to lose herself and her talents in her new and overwhelming blended household.  The complaining and lack of privacy just add to the chaos for Amanda and Wyman.

To make matters worse, Amanda loved her old church district but now she must attend the church district near Wyman’s home.  The bishop in Wyman’s district is ultra conservative, very severe in his dealings with the members of his district.  The bishop’s wife is just as severe when she tells Amanda that her girls’ dresses are too showy, brightly colored, and too short.  There is no friendly conversation or welcome to the district, just pointed complaints of what Amanda and her children are doing wrong.

Interwoven throughout the book are bits and pieces of the stories of old friends from the previous series, Home at Cedar Creek.  Most the characters within the book have their own unique imperfections yet their innate goodness and ability to rise to the occasion is present as well.  The uplifting power of prayer and spirituality is generously entwined within the story.  Amanda Weds a Good Man was published November 5, 2013.



  1. Thanks for the lovely review :-) need to really catch up on my reading!!

  2. She is my favorite writer---I really enjoy all of her books.

    1. I am totally hooked on Naomi King's books!