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Ernest Bontrager of Illinois, was raised the first nine years of his life as Amish, then his parents left the Amish and became Mennonites.  Ernie has written a 70 page booklet about his Amish years and the years that followed.

 What is even more interesting are the DVD’s that Ernie has made.  They allow us a peek inside the world of the Amish and the Mennonites.  If you are like me, I do not have easy access to the Amish and Mennonite communities so these videos are priceless.  Well that is not exactly true, Ernie sells his DVD’s directly from his home.  Each DVD is $19.95 with free shipping to 48 states.  He accepts checks only, send your check to Ernest Bontrager, 319 N. Walnut Street, Arthur, IL 61911.  Ernie says to call him for more information or quantity discounts at 941-724-4125.  Another place you can find his DVD’s is Ebay - click here to see what Ebay has to sell.  These DVD's are a real treat,  I think you will be pleased to view them over and over again.

The first one I watched was Amish & Mennonites in Pinecraft, Florida.  The video is an hour and four minutes long and is separated into seven different sections as follows:

1.       The History of Pinecraft

2.       Differences between Amish and Mennonites

3.       Where are the Amish and Mennonites coming from who visit Pinecraft

4.       Modes of transportation in Pinecraft (Solar Buggies, 3 Wheel Bikes, and more)

5.       Pinecraft Activities

6.       BBQ and Pie

7.       Music in Pinecraft

 By the time you finish watching this DVD, you will feel like you have been to Pinecraft in person!

The next DVD is Amish and Mennonites in Arthur, Illinois.  If you love horses and/or quilts, this is the DVD for you!  This video is 50 minutes long and is separated into eight sections:
1.       Amish, Beachy Amish, Conservative, and Mennonite Churches

2.       Ten questions answered about the Amish

3.       “Amish Nicknames” sung by John Schmid

4.       Quilts and more Quilts

5.       Amish Farming with Horses

6.       Mennonite Modern Farming

7.       “Hold Me Fast” sung in German and “He Loves Me”

8.       Illinois Amish Country:  A brief History

And the last DVD I saw was The Horse Progress Days in Arcola, Illinois 2013.  This video is 54 minutes long.  Again, if you love horses, please get this video.  The DVD is separated into 12 sections:

1.       Percheron Thunder

2.       Spreading Manure

3.       Plowing with Horses

4.       Amish 12 Horse Hitch Plowing with Four Bottom Plow

5.       Working the Ground

6.       Produce Transplanter

7.       Spraying Produce

8.       Farming with Oxen

9.       Athens Horse Powered Treadmill

10.   Kids Having Fun

11.   Vendors and Overview

12.   Wilderness Ridge Wagon Team

 Ernie has other videos on YouTube as well.

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